Open Source Modification
A Variety of Options to Fulfill Your Technical Needs
Open source software solutions give users the right to study, change, and improve the design and functionality through the availability of the source code, usually through programming. Not all open source software are 100% free. Many software companies choose to keep some of the more advanced features to themselves and sell it to fund the continuation of the project.

What does open source mean to you? Lowered costs and quick turnaround.
In many cases there are open source software including GPL (typically free of cost) that can be modified to meet your exact requirements. In almost all cases this would be a very cost effective solution compared to creating a solution from scratch. We can customize a number of solutions to meet your needs using existing open source. If you are not sure about any specific software solutions we might be able to guide you in the right direction.

In the past we worked to modify the following open source solutions.

Sugar CRM Enterprise Customer Relationship Management Application

OsCommerce Ecommerce Shopping Cart

Joomla - Content Management Application

Zabbix Enterprise Distributed Infrastructure Monitoring Application

Alfresco Document Management Application

All products for Social networking, dating, ecommerce, barter websites, online data backup, web site builder, online store builder, reservation software, online billing software etc.Please contact us if you need a solution, but you are not sure if there is an Open source solution which will suite your needs. We can help you narrow your search.

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