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Client Overview

Memberxpress is a web-based community site generator that creates informative websites with optional modules like news, calendar, discussion forums around residential communities. Local residential communities like condo/townhouse associations are close-knit groups. Member Express is trying to create social and deals sites around these communities.

MemberXpress is a website and mobile app membership program, ideal for homeowner associations, professional trade associations, non-profits, clubs membership-based organizations, religious organizations, fraternities, just to name a few. When having a website isn't enough, you need the MobileXsite Network brought to you by MemberXpress. An integrated website and mobile app - the complete membership solution!

Project Description

Memberxpress is a website that tries to create social and deal sites around residential communities. It has a drag and drops feature that helps to create informative website modules which also acts as a website builder. The major use cases are, latest news, upcoming events, special offers, new articles, business directory listing, etc. The admin can manage the main site and ads and the vendor is permitted to manage ads while the client manages the member site. One can post new deals, news updates, events and so on that is happening in their residential community. It will help the members to know what is happening in their residence this week or month and this network will help them to build a strong community.

The admin creates logins and social networking site for the clients under subdomains. The clients configure the networking site. The vendors provide data for the advertisements. The advertisements are shown on client networks as well as mobile applications. The system is built using a multi-tiered architecture with distinct services at each layer (Client, Presentation, Business, Integration, and Date). This approach provides massive scalability, flexibility, and performance. The primary goal of the technical architecture is to instantly and reliably generate social networking sites for the clients. To achieve this the basic architecture will include lightweight and stable data processing mechanisms including the following components.

-High-performance hardware platform
-Relational databases that support a variety of optimizations
-Full-text search engines to index and provide access to resources
-Variety of servers, such as Web servers and FTP servers
-Load balancers to cater to high traffic requests

The system would use PHP as Front End and MySQL as the back end. Also other tools like Java script would be used for interface enhancements. It must be developed in a class-based manner to provide maximum reusability and extension ability. And it should be extremely scalable. The database should be highly indexed to achieve this scalability. Membership for these sites is limited to members. Local merchants are encouraged to offer special deals and to advertise through the platform. The advertiser portal for local vendors is to post deals to different communities. The application is developed using the LAMP stack.

Website Features

Stripe, Website Builder, Content Management System, Google Maps API, Startups, Social Networking, PHP, MySQL, Linux, Apache

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