Many contact sports are facing challenges due to the potential of head injuries to student athletes. As a result number of people participating in Football, Hockey are declining in high school level. One of the main challenge is to identify potential head injuries like concussion when it happens and can treat medically. Headcase company offers a device and platform to monitor in real time.


We developed a Bluetooth (BLE)enabled device that is placed inside athletics helmet to monitor potential concussion causing movements. Any sudden movements with specific acceleration would be monitored by the mobile app with the coach. IoT enabled coaches app was developed for Andriod platform. Any potential concussion would be alerted to the coach in real time by the mobile apps. A separate concussion testing methods are also added to the coaches app. A separate app for parents to see the history and for education also provided. A separate web platform to gather info from devices to the website was developed in LAMP. 

Mobile App Features

Bluetooth connectivity with BLE, Internet of Things, Web interface,,

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