An environmental consultant in Sheridan, United States, came up with a new business idea of more valuable online social solution. MUSA is a better solution to the current online platforms and it is a social network-type site. It includes a 3 part structure (create, celebrate, commemorate)


MUSA is an online meeting place for memorable moments. This is a social network-type site that allows users to interact with each other through the medium of audio/video content. MUSA is a website for your memorable moments instead of the daily gossip of Facebook, Instagram, etc.
Three main use cases are provided through the platform; create, celebrate, and commemorate. Each use case have a distinct purpose
Creation links to E-commerce vendors
Celebration allows the purchase of products, and transfer of payments/cryptocurrency 
Commemoration have the multimedia display wall and ability to comment/add posts

Mobile App Features

Social Network Site, News Feed, PHP Magpie Framework, Mongo DB, Node.js, Angular JS, Express.js, React Native, JavaScript Frameworks

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