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GizmoPlay.com offers a wide range of high-quality, pre-fabricated mobile software applications. These applications can be customized to fit any brand and provide widespread reach while helping to create a positive bond between a specific brand and their users, customers, prospects, and/or fans. The GizmoPlay catalog includes a ringtone maker, a mobile radio, promotional band app, iPhone voice recorder, live wallpaper app, mobile shopping cart, iPad catalog and many more. These apps can be used as a starting point for promotional campaigns. Businesses will have the ability to capture leads, data and have the ability to market and sell your products within the mobile space. All applications come with basic branding (app name, splash screen, logo, custom icons, contact info, and more) but can also be fully customized to suit specific campaign needs.
If you need a custom app, GizmoPlay.com can also develop a personal quote and timeline for you.

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