Tutor Path - Scheduling Application with Social for Tutor Marketplace


Finding an online tutor can be a hassle. Instead of searching through strangers, reading questionable reviews, and scouring abandoned profiles, Tutor Path allows users to search for and discover tutors within their own extended social network of friends. Despite the fact that there are a number of tutoring platforms available, none of them offer a quality verification process. By using Tutor Path, tutors and users on both sides can establish a comfortable relationship from the initial point of discovery and contact. Anyone can use the platform and subjects range from sports and music to dance and academics. Users can participate in one of two ways. By signing up to offer sessions on a particular subject, connections within an extended network of friends can accept the tutoring offer. Users searching for a tutor can accurately determine who would be the best resource for themselves or their children. This web application was developed with social and open graph technology for viral effectiveness and messaging capabilities. To find out more, register as a tutor or find your own connections at TutorPath.com.

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