Ravox - Social Commerce Marketplace and Store Builder


Ravox is a peer-to-peer distributed social commerce platform that allows sellers, business owners, merchants and vendors to create standalone ecommerce stores or link existing online stores to Facebook. These Facebook stores can help you increase sales and reach through a pay-for-performance model.
Create a standalone ecommerce store or link an existing online store to Facebook to reach audiences through 3 effective outlets – Facebook store creation, listing products in a large social marketplace, and utilizing social affiliates. By increasing reach through social discovery and friends-of-friends, you have the ability to monetize more traffic.
Small businesses are joining Facebook and gaining fans, but many are not seeing a direct impact on product and social discovery or sales. Ravox can easily link businesses to a larger pool of prospective customers. Instead of feeling unsupported on Facebook, Ravox enables businesses to link to those that can grow awareness and sales through friends, fans, and even friends of friends. Ravox is the only platform to offer effective strategies to successfully market products on Facebook using social affiliates.
The platform was developed in PHP and utilizes social graph. The concept can be described as a combination of Amway, Shopster, Payment and Facebook. A number of features from the Facebook platform and open graph integration are included.
We constantly release new updates as the platform continues to grow

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