Keyscore - Big data analytics on startups


Keyscore is a platform that allows investors to research a private company of interest. This first-of-its-kind solution enables investors to discover whether or not a company seeking a non-traditional form of investment is reputable and investment worthy. This information is acquired by sharing company descriptions, founder backgrounds and most importantly, wisdom of the crowd.

After searching a company name, the platform displays a rating and social meter gathered from various online sources such as social channels, blogs and crowdfunding platforms. By analyzing conversations, Keyscore can return results based on validity, popularity and market value. This allows a collective opinion and sentiment to be developed. The map reduce platform was created using a Hadoop cluster and LTP based sentiment analysis.

KeyScore also runs an opinion poll for investors seeking to also take expert advice into account. These polls are distributed to experienced individuals on an invitation-only basis.
Experience a revolutionary way to invest in startups

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