Sign My Shirt


Generation Z has grown up in a world that is all about connecting through technology. Websites today need to be in tune with social media practices and fill the needs of these users. With help from iScripts programmers and iScripts PrintLogic software, an innovative site geared towards Generation Z-ers has been created.
SignMyShirt allows users to coordinate with friends, classmates, co-workers and team members to create personalized shirts. This site offers a convenient way for users, companies and businesses to deliver quality and custom shirts used for sports teams, graduations, birthdays and any other important event or milestone.
iScripts PrintLogic design and print software was used as the turnkey solution for setting up this online t-shirt design & printing website. Customers are guaranteed, easy way to design their own t-shirts quickly and easily with an intuitive interface. Users can easily visualize what products will look like before ordering to ensure maximum accuracy.
To make things easy, predetermined logos are selected by schools, companies or businesses and offered to users within design. If there is no need for a logo, images and text may be added. After design is complete, the shirts – along with all original artwork – are passed to friends via Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn or personal email to collect digital signatures. These shirts may be kept as keepsakes, similarly to yearbooks.

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