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Bergstein's NY Deli is founded in 2008. New York-style deli serves fine foods and delicacies in the Chicago suburbs. The services of Bergstein's NY Deli includes Walk-ins welcome Good for groups or parties, Good for children, Takeaway, Delivery, Catering. In 2014, the second location of Deli opened in the Chicago area. Exit Interview is designed for small businesses. This interview app is for managing the customer's experience by using the AWS Rekognition technology which can detect and recognize text from the bill images, such as total amount, order details, bill date and time while starting the interview process. Here Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a vital role, as it provides the ability to automatically learn and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed.


The Exit Interview app helps business owners build and maintain communication with customers. This app enables the business owners to gather both positive and negative feedback which in turn will facilitate important business decisions. This pocket-friendly app permits business owners to gain recognition through reviews, thus strengthening customer relations. Good and bad reviews are appreciated because feedback helps shed light on areas that are functioning properly as well as areas for improvement. This app has an objective, subjective, and inquiring questions which help the owners to stay connected the customers. The owners can promote the business by fetching reports and providing likewise offers to their customers. This app builds a strong retail presence with the help of real-time data to ensure the staff is on track and following instructions.

When it comes to the technology stack, AWS Rekognition used for detecting and recognizing the bill images. This makes the app very simple and user-friendly.

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Interview App, Google Ads, Food and Beverage, React-native App, Android, iOS, PHP, MySQL, Apache, Linux

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