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8 to 18 Sales Automation Tool

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Client Overview

8 to 18 manages more than 1000 high school websites in their content network. They sell advertising space across their web properties. Sales AutoMation Tool is developed to help outside sales reps to sell ad inventory to local advertisers.

Project Description

This project will endeavor to optimize the current outside sales force and provided a toolset that will increase conversion rates as well as streamline the fulfillment process.

This is a unique opportunity to capitalize on the nature of the community and harness the ability of parents and students to work with local businesses for the betterment of themselves and their school. Users will be allowed to log into the platform to gain access to sales tools such as collateral, forums, available inventory within their territory, and other useful tools.

As sales, in general, can be perceived as difficult or generally painful to practice, this is causing difficulties in maintaining a sales force and achieving sufficient productivity. The primary feature of the tool will be a streamlined process that will provide integrated content and functions organized in a step-by-step flow. The purpose of this is to provide a very simple and easy-to-use order entry process to complete a transaction while in front of the end client, including client payment and billing. 3Rd party seller features enable access to inventories and they can block the slots thus getting preference over the other sales rep.

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Mobile App Features

Adtech, Content Management, Ad API, CRM integration, Automated Work Flow, Document Management System, Advertising and Marketing, PHP(LAMP), MySQL, Apache, Linux

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