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AD Assist - Website Platform for Scheduling Events and Games

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Client Overview

AD Assist is a web platform for helping school athletic directors to schedule games for different teams efficiently. AD Assist platform is launched by 8to18 Digital. 8to18 Digital is focused on serving athletic directors, and the supporting staff at the high school and middle school level, as well as whoever organizes, manages and supports youth athletics and activities for participants primarily ranging in age from 8 to 18 years old. 8to18 Digital specializes in athletics, software, athletics management, online registration, scheduling, and website development.

Headquarters of 8to18 Digital are in Lombard, IL. They address programs and activities like:

-Streamlining operations and managing risk/compliance
-Optimizing the digital ability to engage, communicate & inform
-Boosting traditional funding and & capturing new sources of revenue/funds

The client was looking to create a solution that would:

-Easy to organize the scheduling of the sports activities of various teams and organizations.
-By rebuilding to a new platform, it provides improved user experience. The clients expect an increased user base with a more attractive solution.

Project Description

It is a scheduling platform for high school sports events and club activities. Most high schools have various sporting teams. It organizes these events and all details that need to be coordinated. AD assist provides login for two types of users based on the advanced security options. When an advanced security option is enabled then only AD Assist users can log-in. And while the advanced security option is disabled then only the control panel users can log-in. Only one type of user can log in at a time.

The activities section lets the user view the activities for a particular date range which can be selected by the user for the start date and end date fields provided. Also, the user can sort by opponents if it is an event. When we started rebuilding the system, the platform was in production and it was built using the PowerBuilder programming language prior to the year 2000. Due to its age, there are costly technical hurdles that must be addressed when attending to common maintenance activities or adding improved features.

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Website Features

Sports Events Management Platform for Schools, Scheduling Platform, Sports and Fitness, Yii2, MS SQL, PHP, Angular, nginx

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