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Antistress Revolution - An app that educates about how to reduce stress levels

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Client Overview

The Gen Z Antistress Revolution is a movement aimed at breaking the stress cycle of an amazing young generation. The app is committed to teaching Gen Z how to see the choice and choose the antistress option through the support of the coaching method in the app. The antistress coaching method generates a shift from stress response to antistress response. The CEO and Founder of the Gen Z Antistress Revolution app is a former attorney and identified that it’s heartbreaking to empathize with the toll stress is taking on such a young generation. She had a strong feeling about the young generation that doesn’t grow out of being stressed – it becomes a habit and then surfaces as chronic health issues and possibly a midlife crisis. Their world is filled with complexity, yet many Gen Z has less experience with navigating it because society has become one of convenience. Regardless of the explanations for Gen Z stress, it exists and isn’t leading anywhere good. They are suffering at an early age. The CEO thinks the Antistress spreads like a wave to the young people, and that’s how together we can create a movement and break the cycle of a generation.

Project Description

The app will take users step-by-step through the problem they are having at that moment. Users can choose their answers to questions from a list of options or fill in text responses. Each step has an educational explanatory video to help them thoroughly understand the process. One of the best features of the app is being able to join chat groups to talk to other people who deal with the stress. The coaching method guides through deconstructing users’ stress response to the actual trigger they are experiencing and reconstructing an antistress alternative that makes them feel so much better. The app empowers to help users by increasing their emotional intelligence: their ability to understand, manage and use their emotions in positive ways. This is a learned skill that will attach to every area of their life for life. Emotional intelligence is the greatest indicator of success whether it’s with relationships, lifestyle habits, or career goals. The CEO strongly believes Gen Z can pass on antistress habits to the generations behind them and create a legacy of positivity and wellbeing.

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Health and Fitness, Antistress, Antistress Coaching Method, Stress Reducing App, Health app, Ways to Destress, Stress Relief App, Stress Management Skills, React Native iOS-Android, MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, NodeJS, Twilio, AWS Cloud

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