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Client Overview

Ayurved is the very first online community dedicated to Ayurveda and natural living. Members on this site discuss Ayurvedic living, yoga, nature in general, about the harmony of body, spirit, and nature. This site also offers herbal remedies for common illnesses and conditions.

The user can participate by inviting their friends to the community to grow and spread the influence of Ayurveda in the world. Users can also write about the areas they are familiar with. If the user has an Ayurveda remedy that was passed by grandmother share it in tips for all of us. Mostly this is a volunteer-driven community.

The client needs a platform that can share solutions for any kind of illness. If some are aware of the illness and already know the solutions and tips then they can write it on the site. The website will only have the remedies that can be cured using Ayurveda.

In other cases, the patient or user can't use or follow the given tips other than you consult a doctor. In some specific places, there will be a particular kind of illness that only familiar with them except others. In such cases, only that region-specific people can give perfect remedies.

Project Description

Ayurved.com is the first online Ayurveda community to share ayurvedic information such as ayurvedic treatment, ayurvedic medicines, ayurvedic herbs, ayurvedic hospitals. By joining this community one can stay updated with informative and important news from Ayurveda. Ayurved.com is a unique social networking community dedicated to natural living. It discusses Ayurveda living, yoga, nature in general about the harmony of body, spirit, and nature.You can participate in the community by inviting your friends and it makes the community grow and spread the influence of Ayurveda in the world. If it sounds like something you would like to join us and join the conversation.

The initial challenge of the project was to search for the ayurvedic solutions and treatments for the illness and the symptoms of the illness. To find the illness that is familiar with common people and all kind of illness that is present in between people which is also curable by the use of ayurvedic medicines, research on which all illness can be cured, how much time does it take and the step by step procedures of the solution was the main task to figure out and list.

Ayurved is the social community to share information about ayurvedic tips and solutions. The topics they discussed more were about Ayurveda living, yoga, spirit, the harmony of body and nature. If you are familiar with any ayurvedic areas then you can write about it by including tips, solutions, and treatments that can be taken for the problem. Generally, it works as, If you have Ayurveda remedy that was passed by your grandmother then you can share it for all of us.

Website Features

Timeline, Groups, Communities, Media Management, Healthcare, Social Networking, PHP ICARUS Framework, MySQL, Apache, Linux

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