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BBF - Social Network for Businesses and Communities

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Client Overview

BizBFriend is building connected business and interest communities for people who want to talk business. BizBFriend helps individuals to build a personal network that connects them with people and businesses, whereas for a business, BizBFriend serves in building public and private communities to embrace customers and prospects.

The site incorporates a three-tier network of people through whom varying levels of business referrals can be driven or accepted. These include Level one trusted friends, Level two BizCom members, and Level three other BizBFriend members. Customers are rewarded with exclusive deals and access to businesses. BizBFriend supports a number of business-friendly features like a mobile app, live chat, and more.

Project Description

BizBFriend enables businesses to find new connections through social channels. It works with their existing social presence and is amplified by employees, friends, and existing customers. The BizBFriend platform concept is about people dynamically engaging with businesses and consumers through communities that offer products, services or interests that are specifically relevant to them. It seeks to avoid the more casual banter that other social media sites typically incorporate in favor of more business-specific dialogues.

The goals of the project were:
-To set up a platform where people dynamically engage with businesses and consumers through communities.
-At the core of the site, there should be the ability to create specific "Business and Interest Communities "which share updates through timeline-based newsfeeds
-The newsfeeds in which both businesses and consumers can interact, providing feedback, sharing interests, rating businesses, providing news, promotions and offers.
-Communities should offer products, services or interests that are specifically relevant to users.

A key differentiator of the site is its ability to enable businesses to create new business referral campaigns that can be tailored to the nature of the relationship that they have with people through their communities; these can be goodwill based or incentivized, dependent on the nature of the relationship. The incentives aspect can be driven through cash, vouchers or charitable donations.

The need to add the payment options and the BizBFriend fee should be payable at the final payment stage of a new business referral campaign. These fees are only targeted at businesses that may wish to use the "incentivized" functionality within the campaign options. Businesses will be asked to pay a fee (10% of the sum of PF incentive and joined incentive).

Businesses should have the option to set up multiple BizComs, thereby providing them with the ability to run targeted campaigns. To run a campaign however a business must have an associated Business Directory (BizDirectory) listing on the site.

The challenges and solutions of BizBFriend are:
-There are already a lot of very highly successful players out there in the market with the core concept of BizBFriend. There the challenge was how we would significantly make our stamp and appeal to the businesses.
-How to make the platform helpful for businesses to improve their sales.
-How to make it accountable against the established successful players.
-How to make is possible for the product to track possible relevant products and services, keep updated, reduce spam, and get great deals. And overall make it a full-fledged business community system, that can engage any type of business.
-Incorporate all the possible options to drive business referrals and offer incentives to promote businesses.

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