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Client Overview

Brickfish is a social media generation business enterprise that helps brands connect with their clients through social media. Brickfish mainly specializes in social management and moderation, social campaigns, mobile applications, and website development. Brickfish was founded in 2005 and based in Chicago.

Project Description

Brick fish provides social marketing software and services to global brands and advertising agencies. The company offers marketers comprehensive solutions to build, manage, monitor, and measure brand presence across the social web. Social media campaigns include social media contests, quizzes and surveys, invite-only loyalty campaigns, and sweepstakes. These platforms were built on a PHP framework and distributed within a cloud environment supporting a large number of enterprise clients. The apps with user-generated content (UGC) have a number of tools on the user side, and the client/agency side to create, publish, and analyze.
These apps give brands and agencies the ability to increase user engagement by launching effective social media campaigns spread across various media such as company websites, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, microsites, mobile sites, community, and additional social sites. All engagements and virality can be tracked using detailed analytics tools.

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Website Features

Social Marketing Software, Brand Engagement for Enterprise Clients and Agency Clients, Analytics Tools, PHP, MySQL, Apache, Linux

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