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Client Overview

CDL1000 Inc is an asset-based third-party logistics leader based in Chicago, Illinois. They operate around 60 trucks for short haul deliveries for customers in the Midwest region. The CEO of CDL1000, Inc is a serial entrepreneur and logistics expert, This tech savvy logistics team expanded their vision of the future and gives the support needed to make it a reality. CDL1000 doesn't have a "one size fits all" solution; rather, they meet with their customers to learn about their business, determine their unmet needs, then designed a solution to improve their supply chain.

CDL1000 doesn't just move freight; instead, the solution moves information as they recognize the important role of information in supporting the customers' operations through technology. Changing the way trucking companies move and deliver, CDL 1000 has started with a focus on moving containers in the Chicago area and around the Midwest.

Project Description

The platform improves the way of delivering intermodal containers, as the CDL 1000 platform comes with a web calculator, which is a new and innovative implementation in the trucking industry. It's much like a shipping calculator for the drayage intermodal trucking industry similar to FedEx's system just for freight forwarders.

This technology offers the same price for every transportation and provides a reliable solution to keep track of miles and costs. Its features also include the ability to access the dispatcher delivery board for managing the deliveries, drivers, reports and more.

And the platform offers a subscription for business customers for real-time tracking updates to make their deliveries and pickups efficient. The customers receiving deliveries and pickups can view live tracking and receive notifications. The newly-innovated process uses technology to assure the long-awaited products reach their destination safely and in a timely manner. There is also a driver mobile app developed as part of tracking the order pick-up and drop off locations.

Real-time driver tracking is works based on the status updating and live location of the driver. The driver can manage their orders through this platform.

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Supply Chain and Logistics, Drayage-Intermodal Trucking Industry, Cost Calculator, Dispatcher Delivery Board, Location Services, Real-Time Tracking and Updates, Content Management, Angular JS, Node JS, MongoDB, AWS EC2, Stripe Payment Gateway, Google Map API

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