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Client Overview

CDL1000 Inc is an asset-based third-party logistics leader based in Chicago, IL. The CEO of CDL1000 a sequential business person and logistics expert, establishes the tone of advancement at his organizations. He inspires his team to extend their vision of the future and gives the support they need to make it a reality. CDL1000 doesn't have a "one size fits all" solution; rather, they meet with their customers to learn about their business, determine their unmet needs, then design multiple solutions to improve their supply chain and logistics. The CDL1000 doesn't just move freight; instead, the solution moves information as they recognize the important role of information in supporting the customers' operations through technology.

Changing the way trucking companies move and deliver, CDL 1000 has started with a focus on moving containers in the Chicago area and around the Mid-West.

Project Description

CDL 1000 Dispatch is a logistics platform that allows the user to update the load and assign a driver to pick up the load. The application provides a one-stop solution for dispatchers, customers, and drivers.

In the dashboard, dispatchers/logistic companies can manage active carriers, new shipments, and delivered shipments. In the carriers section, it shows the name of drivers, with contact details, vehicle make, truck, equipment type, driver status, and duty status. They also have the option to set up basic settings and driver management.

The dispatcher will receive real-time notifications for driver duty, delivery status, and other updates. Notifications are received as a pop-up on their delivery board. They will also receive real-time location updates on the board of an active driver.

The customer portal will allow users to view, create, track and manage orders. The driver mobile app makes it easier for every driver to view the delivery details and update their status including proof of delivery. The platform will also allow integration with 3rd party systems with an API to allow orders to be placed in real-time. The newly- innovated platform uses technology to assure the long-awaited products reach their destination on time, safely, and efficiently.

The driver mobile app makes it easier for drivers to view the delivery details and update their status including proof of delivery. The integrated map allows them to locate the pick-up and drop-off locations seamlessly by providing the fastest route. Drivers are notified via push notification about new deliveries. Updates to the deliveries are tracked in real-time and updated back to the end-customer and delivery platform with ETA and other delivery details.

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Supply Chain and Logistics, Last Mile Delivery, Customer Portal, Real-Time Tracking and Updates, Content Management, Angular JS, Node JS, MongoDB, AWS EC2, Google Map API

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