Client Overview

CDL1000 Inc is an asset-based third-party logistics leader based in Chicago, Illinois. They operate around 60 trucks for short-haul deliveries for customers in the midwest region. The CEO of CDL1000 a sequential business person and logistics expert, establishes the tone of advancement at his organizations. This tech savvy logistics team expand their vision of the future and gives the support they need to make it a reality. They have approached us with a concept to create a smart logistics platform that matches backhaul trucks with loads. Phase 1 has been developed with backhaul trucks to Chicagoland. Later, the company has a plan to expand the business to other markets of the United States. This platform focused on maximizing the resource utilization of logistics companies by converting empty miles into revenue-generating miles. A backhaul, as it relates to trucking and logistics, is the return trip of a commercial truck that is transporting freight back over all or part of the same route it took to get to its current location.

Project Description

The CDL 1000, focuses on bringing the underutilized backhaul capacity of Chicagoland to the transportation marketplace. The logistics industry is fast and furious, by identifying synergies between shippers' freight needs and carriers empty lanes, this smart platform gives shippers backhaul pricing, create additional revenue for carriers, and provide a simplified logistics experience for all involved.
At the point when trucks are booked to deliver goods, the plan is usually made for a one-way journey. This implies when the truck returns to its base location, it often runs on empty miles where no goods are carried on its back. These empty miles translate into wasted fuel, time and money.
To deal with this inefficiency, the CDL 1000 incorporated company utilized the opportunity for trucking companies to deliver goods from its destination back to the truck's point of origin with the help of this new Smart Logistics Technology platform, where trucking companies can post their future trips regularly and customers can post loads.
At phase 2, the new platform will be expandable in the future to support Artificial Intelligence to match between loads and trucks. It will be able to support real-time tracking of the trucks using the iScripts Locologic system.

Website Features

Supply Chain and Logistics, Backhaul Trucking Industry, Artificial Intelligence, Cost Calculator, Real-Time Tracking and Updates, Load Management, Content Management, Angular JS, Node JS, MongoDB, AWS EC2, Google Map API

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