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Client Overview

Closest Closet is an online platform for items in users closets that no longer add to their wardrobe, but will be fresh and new to another Closest Closet user. As users post items from their closet and other users will have a space to add fresh and new items from a vast network of closets available on the platform.

The CEO and co-founder of the platform believe that fashion is the number two most polluting industry, second only to the oil industry. She thinks only 10% of donated clothing gets repurposed or sold. The average American discards 81 pounds of clothing a year and they are buying twice as much and wearing it half as long. This problem leads the CEO to think about a solid solution and comes out with an opportunity. She had research and find out that the total second-hand apparel market to double in next 5 years with the resale sector driving the growth. Hence, the concept of Closest Closet was born.

Project Description

Closest Closet is a circular marketplace for used fashion where members use their items as currency. Members gain 10x the value from Closest Closet when compared to leading resale marketplaces. The secondhand fashion market is massive with +65MM US buyers and is expected to double in 5 years, with only small penetration needed to generate hundreds of millions in revenue. Extend the life of existing fashion, reduce the amount of clothing in landfills, and turn consumers into activists.

Fashion trends are emerging on a weekly basis. The newest, latest, and greatest in must-have colors, styles, patterns, and materials are changing on a weekly basis. Clothing is being manufactured, purchased, and disregarded at a higher rate than ever before. Closest Closet empowers users to decide how much of an impact they want to have on our planet. This platform is a marketplace for socially conscious members who want to increase the contents of their closet while reducing their environment.

Upon every item upload, users will earn one hanger. Every hanger can be redeemed to shop and purchase items in another member's closet. A paid membership can gains users access to shop all items on the platform.

The platform works in three simple steps and the following are those: "Show It Off, Be Rewarded, and Shop Your Friends' Closets"

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E commerce, Secondhand Fashion, Fashion Environmental Impact, WordPress CMS, WooCommerce Shipping Plugin - Shippo, PHP, MySQL, Apache, Linux, AWS Cloud.

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