Client Overview

CloudManager is a world-class monitoring solution that delivers powerful and unique monitoring services. They specialize in application monitoring, server monitoring, and cloud monitoring, providing a comprehensive solution that covers all aspects of modern business operations. CloudManager helps businesses to optimize their systems and guarantee their smooth operation.

Armia Systems designed CloudManager with all the tools and expertise that is needed to monitor the performance of critical business applications, ensure server availability, or optimize customer’s cloud resources. A unique feature of CloudManager is the availability of a team of expert technicians 24/7 to fix any urgent monitoring tasks, ensuring that clients can focus on their core business operations without worrying about system disruption or how to handle them.

Project Description

CloudManager has a user-friendly front- and backend interface. Servers and Apps that are configured with CloudManager will have 24/7 monitoring that is in real-time. Alerts are sent immediately when the platform notices any changes or problems. This can help businesses fix any issues before they become significant problems. It can also help users keep track of the website's security history and performance.

CloudManager comes with a 'Monitoring Estimator' tool on its landing page that helps users find exactly how many resources they require. The backend dashboard is customizable for customers so that users will only get their most relevant details.

CloudManager checks many critical areas, such as service unavailability, cloud usage, brute force attacks, page errors, server downtime, traffic statistics, broken links, load time issues, 404s and more. Similarly, custom alerts are configurable, and users can receive priority notifications through channels of their choice. In case customers are not available to fix their platforms on time, the professional IT team of CloudManager can take over and fix any issues for them.

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Website Features

Website monitoring, App monitoring, Server monitoring, Customer Portal, Real-Time Tracking and Updates, Content Management, Angular JS, Node JS, MongoDB, AWS EC2, Plan Estimator

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