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Client Overview

CommonX is a new social solution for COVID-19. The app allows users to schedule their hangouts to keep them safe.

The app is a digital, scalable solution for navigating the pandemic safely, and it helps millions of people solve the problem of COVID-19. By scheduling social hangouts, users can fortify their social lives with as much safety protection as needed (depending on personal preferences and level of risk). The system synthesizes all available information about COVID and maps social interactions in the network into one simple indicator: they have Safety Status. Either green, yellow, orange, or red, the COVID Safety Status clearly displays every user's level of risk for COVID --- so users can take action to avoid COVID but also enjoy their life.

Project Description

The app allows users to manage their social life with less worry or risk of spreading COVID-19. The mission is to empower humans to live their best lives by focusing their time on the people and things that matter most. The mobile application provides a simple user interface to allow users to schedule their social interaction with friends and relatives. The platform will consist of hybrid iOS and Android applications for end users built using the React Native platform. A web interface will be created for the administrator to control activity, users, and events.

The app also provides capacity management for businesses and organizations that host social experiences in public or semi-private spaces during this pandemic. Users can set up a profile and connect the businesses and organizations in their community. The platform allows them to schedule time to safely visit their favorite local businesses and organizations.

Founder and CEO at Common Cooperative Co is a young energetic entrepreneur who filled with a great vision towards the enrichment of society and social needs.

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Social Networking, Online Scheduling, Startups, Enterprise Software, Health and Wellness, React Native iOS-Android, MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, NodeJS, AWS Cloud

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