Client Overview

Contractocy will provide users with a new way to create and enforce contracts or agreements. The platform generates a legal document with the exact terms of a contractual agreement. It includes information on both parties and captures both parties' signatures.

The CEO of the platform is a personal injury lawyer who runs a law firm focuses on helping residents of Miami, Florida to file an injury claim to get the compensation they deserve after getting in an accident. He found that throughout the last thirty years, there have been significant changes in the way people communicate, work, and move around. Technological advancements have affected every aspect of our lives in significant ways. However, little has changed in the way we make agreements or contracts. This is how he wanted to develop an application to advance one of the most basic daily interactions. He continues, "we may not notice it, but our daily life is affected by all types of agreements. These are agreements that include anything from cellular service to electrical bills. We are governed by contracts, perhaps more so, than anything else in our lives. The mission of the app is to provide consumers, businesses, and individuals, with a new way to create and enforce contracts or agreements."

Project Description

Contractocy is the platform where massive numbers of consumers will be able to get together and negotiate attractive opportunities for themselves. The platform provides the tools and systems to do this, and the consumers and merchants provide the ideas and incentives. The app gives users the ability to make almost any type of contract proposal for any services they desire. They can have people join their proposal and then negotiate the terms of agreement with providers. Attorneys will then verify whether the contract is valid. This is social contracting.

This helps protect each individual if one party ever chooses to cause a breach of contract or ultimately attempt to terminate the contract. Users can use this application as a legal platform to establish their rights as a buyer or seller in a timely manner as relates to payment, where written consent is established with electronic signatures. The platform offers it's service through website and mobile app to create a legally binding document as a matter of law. Users can use this app to best establish terms of an agreement between users.

Website Features

Legal Contract Creation, Social Contracting, Contract Negotiation, Digital Signing, MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, NodeJS, AWS Cloud

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