Client Overview

Eatyn is a Chicago, IL-based startup with a unique business model. Eatyn connects people looking for different dining experiences with local everyday chefs who prepare great meals. It is currently operated in Chicago and Urbana Markets.

Project Description

Eatyn is an online marketplace that enables people to use their kitchen and dining space to create amazing dishes and sell the experience. Eatyn is connecting those who have a passion and love for cooking and for those looking for their next great meal.
Once a host signs up they'll be on their way to making money doing what they love. Hosts can set events when it's convenient for them and start and stop based on their schedule.

Users can search for something to eat with their intuitive search tool, which gives them results and also suggests places to go based on activities happening nearby. Users can reserve their spot before someone else takes it. They can also provide ratings and reviews based on their experience.



Getting Started is Easy:
Signing up takes less than a few minutes. Once you sign up you will be on your way to making money doing what you love.

Set Host's Schedule: Only set events when it's convenient. Start and stop on your time.

Make Great Money: You can earn as much as you want doing what you love. The more events you post the more you'll make.


Search: Looking for breakfast? Looking for dinner? Search with the user's intuitive search tool, it not only gives you results it also suggests places to go based on activities happening nearby.

Event Lists: Browse through the event list, find photos, and review them. You can take your loved ones to places they have always dreamt of going.

Book: Found the right host that fits your budget and desires? Book it now before someone else takes it.

Rate your Experience: User ratings and reviews are what everyone is looking for, Eatyn is looking to build a community-driven experience for this to be the best.

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Mobile App Features

Google Map API, Customized Menus, Responsive Design, News Letter, Coupon Codes, Fax Orders, Payment Gateway Integrations, Tax Support, iCarus Framework, Linux, Apache, MySQL

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