Client Overview

eBeggars is a charity in Illinois, US and founded in 2010. eBeggars helps people in need across the country to raise funds when they need a helping hand. People can donate a small amount directly to people in need.

Project Description

eBeggars is a platform created for individuals that would like to raise money for themselves or a specific cause. eBeggars gives individuals an easy way to ask other members of the community for financial assistance while keeping pride intact. Users can sign up for a free membership to begin posting unique and compelling stories or causes to receive donations. If fellow users find the story intriguing and genuine enough, they can make donations. If users want to donate to a cause, they simply click "Donate $1" or "Donate $5" to process payments via PayPal. Website users also have the ability to vote on causes without making donations. If an entry seems like it warrants sympathy, support or a donation, users can click on the thumbs up button. Those that are not convincing enough may receive a thumbs down vote. eBeggars does not take a commission or charge membership fees. All posts, payment processes and usage on the site are free. Donations are sent directly to the recipient's PayPal account. eBeggars was developed as a clone of textsfromlastnight.com and mylife.com to collect user-generated content. This site was created on the Wordpress platform with a number of plugins.

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Mobile App Features

Charity & Non-Profit App, PayPal, Fund Raising Platform, PHP, MySQL, Apache, Linux

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