Client Overview

Ernie.com is a related for-profit social media company whose purpose is to form sports communities at the local and national levels by connecting fans around their teams.

Ernie.com is backed by a suite of business and sports experts in North America. They have decades of business, technology, and sports experience. When it comes to the love of the game, they are all on the same team. The team has uncovered a major gap in the range of existing sports social media platforms. Hence, the concept of Ernie was born. They have worked diligently over the past year and a half to further conceptualize and design ernie.com - the social media home for sports. The CEO believes sports fans deserve an exclusive app where only sports fans can interact.

Project Description

Ernie.com is a fully integrated social platform for sports. The platform made especially for sports fans who always looking to stay engaged with their friends and sports they love. It will aggregate and displace various sports applications and news sources by providing a vastly improved user experience with additional features through web-based and mobile applications. The application will offer a customizable content feed, fan- based communication pathways, advanced analytic data, a custom prediction game, and an online forum for athletes, in addition to other features not currently available in the sports market.

Combine digital and social media in one app where the user experience is highly customizable, interactive (both in terms of what content is shown and how it is displayed), and easy-to-use.

The application will be to create and maintain a positive vibe with friends, leagues and athletes while also overseeing sports content and interactions. This helps the platform to keep sports fans glued to their Homeplate timelines instead of venturing off into other social networks.

And Ernie.com has many reasons to keep users into the platform with the exemplary social media space features for a sports fan. The following are a few homeplate(includes top and custom feeds), locker room(user and team dedicated profiles), crystal ball(game prediction portal), pressbox(news, scores and highlights), explore(various channels to explore), marketplace(product or service information is provided by multiple third parties), search and discover(finding relevant content).

Mobile App Features

Sports Social Media App, For Sports Enthusiasts, Custom Feeds, Game Predictions, Latest Sports News, Messaging, Team Locker Rooms, Live Scores, React Native iOS- Android, MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, NodeJS, AWS Cloud

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