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Client Overview

eThrift Group is a Los Angeles, CA startup helping consumers to reuse and recycle existing products by making thrift stores more accessible. They work with local thrift stores and consignment stores to make their inventory available to a broad audience.

Project Description

ethrift is a local resale, consignment, antique and thrift app that allows for a simple and cohesive shopping experience.
Users and vendors interact on the same platform to allow resale inventory to be listed and reserved. The UX is heavily reliant upon a mobile device for listing inventory and browsing. Ease-of-use of the platform encourages in-person sales as well as general foot traffic to resale establishments. While no transactions take place within the app itself, items are reserved by prospective buyers and held behind the counter for physical purchase at the retail location.
There are several types of vendors, but many features of the vendor accounts are shared. Fundamental differences are mainly due to the kind of physical presence of the vendor. Vendors can be brick-and-mortar establishments, individuals, events, or boutiques.

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Mobile App Features

An Online Thrift Store, Sellers and Buyers Platform, E-commerce Platform, Google Ads, Stripe, Retail, Ecommerce, Android and iOS Native Apps

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