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Focal Point Procurement Solutions offers a revolutionary category and risk management approach for procurement organizations. By taking a holistic view of all existing internal category data and combining it with leading category management practices, the platform achieves a robust and scalable solution to help procurement organizations improve their processes. Focal Point uses existing data sources and internal knowledge to build a custom category management process for organizations. This process will allow users to clarify their spending categories, better assess the risks associated with each category, and collaborate with internal stakeholders to develop effective strategies and plans.

Project Description

Focal Point Solutions is a procurement advisory and technology firm that offers services and a technology platform to help organizations manage their spending categories and procurement risks, allowing them to build or improve their procurement operations to become best-in-class. Armia Systems enabled them build the platform through discovery with features such as:

1. Procurement Advisory: Supporting clients in delivering savings on procurement projects, selecting S2P technologies, implementing comprehensive supply chain risk processes, and conducting maturity assessments of their current procurement operations and needs.
2. Category Management: This helps to consolidate all relevant procurement. The platform guides clients through a structured process to evaluate individual category characteristics. They help organizations develop category strategies to ensure they are successfully executed and met.
3. Category Risk Management: Building on the category work done in the Category Management module, clients can measure and manage procurement risk on a category-by-category basis, ensuring there are standard requirements for all suppliers, with an additional focus on suppliers requiring a higher level of scrutiny.

Armia had developed the technology platform to integrate with a client's existing procurement infrastructure, utilizing the data already available in their S2P platform. The platform is AI-enabled to determine the best way to manage specific categories of spend based on input and available data.

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