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Client Overview

FormTools builds beautiful forms, surveys, and questionnaires with a better user experience. FormTools handles the hosting of customers forms, as well as the processing of data. Users can add workflows to these created forms to make it functional. The forms can be embedded in emails and websites.

Project Description

FormTools provides a direct line between clients and customers with the use of online forms and surveys. Make your form or survey with an easy to use drag and drop form builder. The forms go the extra mile to present the customers with a better user experience, and the client with better results. The client can choose to share a secure link to their form, perfect for those marketing emails, or embed them directly into their site.
No matter how the users access the form, it will look slick and be easy to fill out. The forms are responsive, and look the same on desktops, mobiles, and tablets.

Features of FormTools

Personalize yours to your branding:

Customize your form with our style tools. Tweak our pre-made forms to create something that perfectly reflects your company aesthetic and values. You can even enter your own CSS to add any extra features you need. Upload images like logos and mottos to put your own stamp on your form. Whats more, each form you create can be personalized differently it is time to get creative!

Make multiple pages:

When it comes to longer forms, make them more easily digestible for your users by spreading them out across numerous pages. Collect partial results when each page is submitted, meaning you never lose any data if a user navigates away from your page.

Seamlessly embed forms:

Host your forms on your site with no extra coding or programming, simply copy our short code snippet. Combine your embedding with a redirect to take a user from page-to-page for hassle-free navigation. To be compatible with a number of content management systems, platforms, and software, we offer a number of ways to embed your form. You can also add security certificates to your form (even if you don't have them across your whole site) to protect sensitive submitted data. No matter how you embed your form, your URL stays the same.

Intelligent form fields:

With our form fields, you can calculate a value based on user input. Using either simple or complex equations, you can display the result on the form or store it for further processing.

Versatile toolbox:

To give you as much flexibility as possible, we offer over 40 item types to help you fine-tune your form to your exact specifications. They can be configured individually for countless different outcomes, and combined with our reporting for simple tracking.

Collaboration opportunities:

Share your forms with sub-users by applying permissions to individual forms. You can hide values by setting them as admin-only and easily manage access levels.

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