H2H (Hospital to Hospital)

Client Overview

Elkview Web is a Charleston, WV-based digital creative agency that specializes in website design, search engine optimization, and social network marketing. Elkview Web made a tie-up with Armia Systems to develop a platform for hospitals to trade unused equipment and consumables so they can save on operating costs.

Project Description

H2H (Hospital to Hospital) is a marketplace linking acute-care hospitals across the country to enable the transferring of stranded or short-dated medical devices between facilities.

Sterility expiration of prescription medical devices costs hospitals across the country hundreds of millions of dollars annually. Change occurs frequently with respect to clinical selection and inevitably a certain amount of the previous product sits idle on hospital shelves.

To solve this issue, H2H Group offers a better and more financially responsible solution.

Consultants (former or current clinical sales representatives) work with inventory specialists, department heads, team leaders, and manufacturer's representatives to identify targeted inventory and identify locations where these stranded items are still in regular use to arrange for transfer.

Receiving hospitals are invoiced by H2H on behalf of the shipping account, with H2H retaining its consulting fee and the balance paid to the originating hospital.

The healthcare marketplace was developed by customizing iScripts MultiCart, a multi-vendor shopping cart platform. 

Website Features

Marketplace, Wish List, Extensive Product Indexing, Reports, Automatic Removal of Expired items, Opt In and Out of Emails, Healthcare, Ecommerce, PHP, MySQL, Linux, Apache

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