Client Overview

HobbyHack is a social learning platform that helps users learn (and master) the art of Woodworking collaboratively. The learning is self-paced and happens virtually, following a 9-Level guided learning Framework. The CEO and Founder of HobbyHack decided to launch the platform when he found a lack of quality platforms to learn hobbies like Woodworking online. He wanted it to be a collaborative way of learning because Woodworking, like any hobby, is intended to be enjoyed and shared. Isn't it always more fun to learn when people appreciate and support you along the way?

Project Description

HobbyHack is designed to be a community platform that helps users acquire skills through online collaboration and learning. It is available in both Apple and Android mobile app ecosystems and lets people join for free. Learning is self-paced and the app is designed to create a fun and intriguing environment for its users. After registering, users undergo an initial self-assessment to understand their understanding of Woodworking and are auto-assigned to specific groups of similarly skilled individuals. They can start from absolute beginner- Level 1 or be at Master-Level- Level 8 & 9. The latter is primarily designed for people who have pursued Woodworking as a hobby and are looking to be good enough to earn money out of the skill. The Group or ''Crew'' will learn and improve their skills through mutual collaboration with the help of an expert tutor.

Mobile App Features

Learn Woodworking, Collaborative learning, remote and online learning, join crews or groups, skill self-assessment, Share work results, get feedback, Native iOS, Native Android, MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, NodeJS, AWS Cloud

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