Client Overview

iPool is a new business venture in the North Carolina area for aggregating an audience around the billiards community. This simple mobile application lists and provides a review mechanism for local billiard halls.

Project Description

iPool is a new mobile application for the billiards community. The client is a billiard enthusiast. The client has identified the need for a simple mobile app to list and provide a review mechanism for local billiard halls.

Users can create a unique account with their username and password. They can review other profiles and add new users to their friends list. They can search locations from the map integrated into the application, check-in to any of the selected areas, and add new clubs.

iPool Features:
* User Profile: users have a basic profile where they view earned trophies and usage of pool halls. Users can review   other profiles and add new users to their friends list.
* Trophies: users can view trophy details when they click on each trophy. A small dialog box details the criteria for the trophy. The     trophies that are not earned will be seen as "Locked" until their criteria are met. Users have an option to view other trophies unlocked   by friends or other users when they review public profiles.
* Location Tools: the map integrated with the app displays all of the existing locations as well as other previously rated locations. Users   can search and check-in to any of the selected locations, regardless of proximity to the location. The user can add new clubs, and the   newly added location is accessible for public review.
* King: users achieve this status rank when they check-in the highest number of times when compared to other users.

This project includes an iOS mobile application, a web interface for the administration tools, and a connective interface known as an API. These three items were constructed for this application using standard JSON practices.

Mobile App Features

Listing of Nearby Billiard Pools Based on Location, Google Ads, Sports and Fitness, Location Based Service, PHP, MySQL, Apache, Linux, ,iOS

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