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iScripts Cloud is a framework to create single-tenant hosted cloud solutions for web software. iScripts Cloud provides a facility to create a hosted site with one click, tailoring it to fit your needs and to start businesses. iScripts Cloud allows entrepreneurs to choose their business solution and create sites like Etsy or Amazon Marketplace, start their social network, launch a bartering site giving their users buy, sell, and swap options, etc. All iScripts products and a few other open source solutions like Magento and Joomla are available for one-click install.

Project Description

iScripts Cloud is a new, hosted solution that serves entrepreneurs and owners looking to start an affordable online business. By selecting the desired business based on industry or website functionality, users can create a site in minutes using a proven business model of their choice. As a hosted solution, no technical experience is required to start a website and all sites can be customized to fit individual needs. Types of sites that can be created include bartering websites, e-commerce marketplaces, social networks, directory sites, online dating networks, online reservation sites and more.
Using PHP code and MySQL databases, sites created are able to handle an unlimited number of users, sellers, products, data, and inventory. Equipped with automatic processes, and streamlined operations, business owners can fully enjoy the startup experience without breaking the bank or becoming technically discouraged.
Armia Systems built the platform to enable any software product that can run on LAMP stack can be turned into a SaaS offering. Key innovation is the one click installation of web software in a standalone shared hosting account. We can add new products in less than one business day. The new products can be enabled for end users in 10-15 seconds in a private cloud. This can be extended to other code stacks as well.
Using a subscription plan, iScripts Cloud allows users to sign up for a free trial and continue the service after the two weeks expires.
All scripts include revenue generating processes such as a built-in ad system, points system, subscription plan, one-time fee, memberships, recurring billing and more. Users select the mode of operation that best fits their unique business idea. Every iScriptsCloud.com solution also includes popular payment gateways and shipping options.

iScriptsCloud platform can be extended to support the auto install of web software solution along with customer management and billing.

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Content Management System, Server Monitoring Tools, CRM, Recurring Billing, Cloud Services, Product Engineering, PHP, MySQL, Apache, Linux

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