Client Overview

Juggul is a web based inventory management solution for high school athletic departments to maintain and manage their sporting equipment. This platform is launched by 8to18 Digital. 8to18 Digital is focused on serving athletic directors, and the supporting staff at the high school and middle school level, as well as whoever organizes, manages and supports youth athletics and activities for participants primarily ranging in age from 8 to 18 years old. 8to18 Digital specializes in athletics, software, athletics management, online registration, scheduling, and website development. Headquarters of 8to18 Digital are in Lombard, IL.

Project Description

"Juggul Equipment Management Software is a web-based software solution that will help you keep a clear record of all your equipment inventory details. This proven solution will help you more effectively manage your equipment investment. With tight budgets, internal and external audits, and expensive equipment it is essential to establish disciplined inventory tracking procedures. Juggul Equipment Management Software helps you effortlessly view all athletic equipment inventory in your school or drill-down to a specific item for a single sport. You can see how much you have, what is on the shelves, and the athlete assigned to the item. "

Website Features

Athlete and Sports Management Platform for Schools, Supply Chain and Logistics, Education, Managed with CodeIgniter and MySQL, Linux, Apache

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