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Client Overview

Liuyay is a comprehensive local event engine that allows users to access a wealth of local events quickly and easily.

The platform is an event based social media website. Individuals and businesses could sign up. Individuals could post events coming up in their communities. Businesses could post whatever they like about their business(sale items, closeout items, pictures, videos, daily specials, etc). There would be an app to go along with it that would use auto location and have flags on the map to show people what is going on around them(to me this would be the ultimate form of hyper-local advertising and allow little guys to compete on the same platform as the big guys). Users can set their home page for a particular community or choose a different area or some other date and see what is going on in another place if they are planning on traveling.

Project Description

The CEO is looking to have an event-based social media website and the corresponding mobile apps that would take the location of a user and it shows all the events within the range of that area. There are multiple filtering options also available to adjust the obtained results. There are two kinds of accounts, one is individual and the other one is a business account. Individuals can add any number of posts, but at the same time business can add one post at a time. When posting a new event there would be validation where any similar events exist then the system would provide a warning of the existence of similar events, but still, the user can ignore it and proceed with the posting.

The application having two types of accounts in the system those are for individuals and for businesses. On the registration time, users can opt as an individual or as a business, or either they could have both types of accounts at the same time. Business accounts can add any kind of posts like sale items, closeout items, pictures, videos, daily specials and more.

The inbuilt messaging function allows users to communicate with each other. Also, have the ability to choose dark and light themes

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Website Features

Event-based Social Networking, Hyper-Local Advertising, React Native iOS-Android, MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, NodeJS, AWS Cloud

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