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Client Overview

MotorHeads is a social networking mobile application developed for auto enthusiasts. This venture was founded by two friends based in Arlington Heights, Illinois. Together they have decades of experience in building and racing drag, autocross, and circuit cars.

The CEO of MotoHeads is an expert in building custom tunes. He has built hundreds of tunes for all types of machines, including those for heavily modified and forced-induction cars. He has attended hands-on SCT training and has completed all available Ford courses. He has more than ten years of experience writing and modifying tunes on SCT,  Haltech, AEM and many other standalone systems.

Founders noticed there is a lack of dedicated social networking mobile apps for automotive enthusiasts, which could connect like-minded individuals directly or indirectly through various tools and resources. They have identified an opportunity to provide a platform to explore this mission through a mobile application.

Project Description

MotorHeads is a mobile app designed to offer motor vehicle enthusiasts a toolset customized for their niche market. The mobile application endeavored to social networking platform oriented toward users who are really passionate and excited about automobiles. Auto enthusiasts are the target audience of this application.

The audience can use the platform to gain access to the listings of events in their local area and a rich database of specialized business listings and other tools will drive further usage. Altogether, this platform ignites a new level of excitement above and beyond the usual social networking experience, with features built specifically for auto enthusiasts.

The platform allows users to explore local events easier than ever before, they can create and share among like-minded individuals, find local automotive businesses, from detailers to mechanics and from nearby gas stations to a density altitude calculator. Users can locate these utilities right on the map. Moreover, they can communicate in real-time via the in-app chat feature.

Mobile App Features

Automobile Enthusiast App, Social Networking, Communities, Motor Events & Meetups, Real-time Chat, Gas Station Locator, Zello Channel Integration, Density Altitude Calculator, Vendors/Specialty Mechanics Locator, React Native iOS-Android, PHP, MySQL, Apache, Linux, AWS Cloud

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