Musician Booking/Marketplace

Client Overview

Musician Booking Marketplace is an online platform that connects venues, agents, and musicians for the purpose of booking performances and events. The platform offers a range of features and tools to facilitate the booking process, including the ability to create events, search for and invite musicians, communicate with each other, and manage payments and contracts. Overall, we have created a comprehensive music-related marketplace for the client.

Project Description

In order to better understand the project, we can separate it’s sections in to three:

Users: Users are the ones who create events and request or search for musicians to perform at those events. These can be individuals or institutions such as amphitheaters or hotels. Users can create events and invite musicians to perform, and can review musician profiles to see their previous performances, ratings, and other information. Users have access to the platform for free.

Agents are intermediaries who connect venues and musicians and facilitate the booking process. They can create events on behalf of venues, invite musicians, and manage payments and contracts. Agents set the price for events and earn a commission on those sales. They can also review both musicians and venues based on their interactions and events. Agents have access to a calendar view where they can schedule events and manage their schedules.

Musicians are the primary focus of the platform and can benefit from getting bookings through the portal. They can create detailed profiles including biographies, social media posts, YouTube videos, and more. Musicians can be individual performers or bands, and can manage multiple profiles if they are part of a band. There are two types of musicians on the platform: free users and paid users. Free users have limited access to the platform and its features, while paid users have full access and can add more detailed information to their profiles. Paid users also have access to additional features such as a calendar view and the ability to create and manage events. Musicians can review venues and agents based on their interactions and events.

Website Features

Music, concert booking, marketplace, musician, Artist network, Social Networking, listen music, events, event booking, festivals, React Native iOS-Android, MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, NodeJS, AWS Cloud

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