My Tweets

Client Overview

My Tweets is a nifty Twitter app to view all the tweets from a user on a single page. My Tweets is fast, free and easy. People use My Tweets for research, lead generation, and personal use.

Project Description

My Tweets is a platform to view all tweets from any Twitter user on a single page. The users can log in using their Twitter credentials and they can view all the tweets in their dashboard. The platform is fast, free and easy to access and users can view, search, and archive their old tweets. My Tweets does not make any commissions or charge membership fees.

The platform was integrated with XML feeds where all the latest activities can be viewed along with the time stamp. The XML feed integration made the portal separate from HTML, and also simplified the data sharing and transport. The XML timestamp was integrated so that the search engine spiders could easily retrieve any of the important information from the XML file integrated within the website. The platform needed to be fast enough in order to provide the responses to the users without any delay and therefore it was built in Core PHP having a MySQL database and was hosted on AWS server.

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Website Features

View all tweets from any Twitter user on one page, Archived Twitter messages for research, Social Media, PHP, MySQL, Linux, Apache

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