MyTherapist - Online Therapy and Counseling Platform

Client Overview

MyTherapist is a Texas-based startup offering technology services to psychology healthcare providers. MyTherapist platform is for creating patient-facing websites and tools for online counseling, patient information questionnaires, scheduling, and billing.

MyTherapist is a platform offering online therapy services for those who want to utilize therapy and counseling services online. Most of the people are choosing online therapy as it boasts convenience, distinctness, and affordability in comparison to attending clinic appointments.

Project Description

MyTherapist site is an online website builder for therapists. The therapists were able to build their web sites instantly online without any help from technical teams. The platform can be used to communicate with patients online. The scheduled patients can talk to their therapist face-to-face and are able to give solutions to their health-related problems.

The site is useful for the patients who are not supposed to wait in a queue or one can't travel much. The therapist can attend the patients whenever he is free and using the online platform he is able to communicate with more patients in a single day. If patients have any doubts they can ask questions to the therapist and he will reply within a day. The categories that are present in the site are Counselors, General, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Therapists. Patients can join an online video session with their therapist anytime, anywhere. Within a few years, Therapists might see 40 to 100 percent of their clients online. Online sessions require a bit of practice and discipline to make the sessions effective.

MyTherapist secure video platform integrated with the most comprehensive practice management software is the first to market. Once you have chosen an appropriate counselor you need to book their appointment. Most therapists follow the common protocol to have you fill out a few forms and worksheets that can give them an idea of your expectations, milestones for progress, problems and issues you wish to address, and goals that you want to achieve. Therapists can manage their client information within HIPAA guidelines, invoice and collect payments. In addition, they can present with custom screener questions to make the visits as efficient as possible. This SaaS platform is developed using the LAMP stack in a cloud environment.

Website Features

Online Site Builder, Questionnaires, Scheduling, Billing, Healthcare, PHP, MySQL, Linux, Apache

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