Client Overview

Narrasys is a software company in Boulder, Colorado and founded in December 2010. Narrasys helps people and organizations create compelling personal, professional, and instructional narratives through interactive storytelling. With Narrasys Producer, instructional designers, authors, experts, trainers, or marketers can publish open or subscription-based narratives that can launch from Learning Management Systems, social media, websites, blogs, or email.

Narrasys offers managed services for enabling narratives to be sold through its storefront. Through this managed service, Narrasys handles the scaled worldwide delivery, e-commerce transactions, and customer support for helping users monetize their content.

Project Description

Narrasys is a cloud-based SaaS platform that dynamically combines virtually any digital object into new narratives. These can be collaboratively authored and consumed through social media networks, websites, learning management systems, video streaming services, and others. Narrasys' platforms are supported on Amazon Web Services.

These platforms are built using Ruby on Rails and Mongo DB. The front end languages includesAngular JS and Angular. This platform currently supports Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. Other features include xAPI compatibility, LTI consumer capability, and Tableau analytics integration.

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Website Features

Cloud-based SaaS Platform, Transmedia Storytelling Software, Ruby on Rails, Mongo DB, xAPI compatibility, LTI Consumer Capability Tableau Analytics Integration

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