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OfficeERP provides its users with a great new way to manage office activities. The software is an all-in-one solution to manage office resources and workforce and can also help keep track of expenses. It offers a wide range of features to control and direct activities in the office more efficiently and effectively. This includes overseeing daily business activities, checking and optimizing resource utilization, and improving business processes. This software is perfect for businesses of all sizes, and it even comes with a one-month free trial for users to test and get used to the platform.

Project Description

OfficeERP is designed to improve business performance by providing more efficient ways to run business activities. This software helps users keep track of their business activities, establish a plan, monitor and oversee resources such as equity or materials, and give data-driven directives to the organization's procedures. It helps them manage day-to-day company activities efficiently and strategically by combining data from modules. The ERP program integrates every module (Strategic point) within the company, including equity, resources, and workforce, to provide a single source of accurate data. The complex processes within a company are organized efficiently and quickly using this software. Users can test out the software's free trial before opting for a paid plan. Additionally, an extensive knowledge base guides users through every section of the platform.

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ERP, Office Management, Enterprise resource planning, monthly reporting, resource monitoring, user profiles, organizational profiles, data curation, content management, Angular JS, Node JS, MongoDB, AWS EC2

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