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PIO Social Application

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Client Overview

PIO offers a social platform that enables businesses to connect with their customers. PIO Social is acquired by Brickfish on 2011. Brickfish provides social media software that enables brands to build, manage and monitor social engagement and ROI.

Project Description

PIO Social empowers existing customers of a business to bring new customers through repeatable and measurable word of mouth marketing campaigns.

Through a PIO (Pass It On) Social campaign, brands have the ability to build and maintain a one-on-one relationship with a growing number of users, their friends and extended social network. PIO social is unique platform to improve the reach of a brand using their product/service as a currency.

The PIO Social platform enables businesses to establish an evolving and personal connection with customers. The application establishes a one-on-one connection between businesses (or brands) and loyal customers. Through the PIO Social platform, special promotions, offers and deals can be easily formatted and passed to SuperFans.

The PIO Social marketing platform generates a higher ROI than any other social network- based media and unlocks more Facebook marketing power while working to create a customized solution for each corporate client or agency partner.
PIO Social is a simple tool for small and medium sized businesses to create a direct channel to their best customers.


  • Social influence marketing, social marketing, pass it on marketing, customer acquisition, Facebook marketing
  • Small business
  • Non profit
  • Agencies
  • Corporations

The result of an effective PIO Social campaign is an ongoing, growing and managed channel that effectively builds customer advocacy and provides a perfect channel for launching new products, marketing initiatives and gathering critical data on how your customers perceive your products and brands. PIOSocial was featured as a promising startup in Chicago Tech Cocktail.PIO Social was later acquired by a Chicago social media agency and modified as a social media application.

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Social Platform, Simple Tool for Small and Medium Sized Businesses, PHP, MySQL, Linux, Apache

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