Pocket Buddy- helps you pick the best payment method every time you shop online!

Client Overview

Pocket Buddy browser extension enhances your online shopping experience by automatically finding the best payment method out of all your available options.Pocket Buddy will go through all your payment options and suggest you the best one to use. This gets you the lowest price on your purchases. The Best part is, there is no need to sign up or provide payment credentials to work its magic. All safe and secure. As soon as the user opens their favorite online store, an already added and configured pocket buddy will automatically popup and show all the best cashbacks and offers available for you on that website. Pocket Buddy is equipped with the latest offers and cashback details, it’s database verified and updated regularly to give you the best experience.

Project Description

Pocket Buddy is designed around users who don't want to go through each and every offer or cashback their cards/payment methods possess. It's as simple as adding the extension followed by choosing your cards/payment methods and forgetting about it, next time you open an online store and it automatically pops up and finds the best offers/cashbacks for you. The latest and greatest version of Pocket Buddy is now available in the chrome store.

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