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Client Overview

Porch Toys - a mobile marketplace to buy and sell pre-loved kids' toys and accessories. This is a peer-to-peer secondary marketplace for kid stuffs, that provides a storefront for kids to create and run, trade and find the latest styles with the parents' supervision.

The mobile application buys and sells gently used kids clothing, shoes, toys, homemade items, sports goods, and baby gear, so it helps parents to recycle their childrens nearly new items and get paid on the spot. This allows educating kids to realize the value of their belongings.

The platform helps parents keep up with their kids"‹ constantly changing needs - from the next size to the next style to the next season - by providing a platform through which they can shop and sell a curated selection - all within a trustworthy, environmentally friendly parent community.

The CEO of the application wants to educate kids to realize the value of their belongings.

Project Description

Porch Toys is an online secondary marketplace for toys and games that will allow children to select and list items with parental oversight. The mobile application provides a simple user interface to allow kids to make selections without assistance from parents.

The platform will consist of hybrid iOS and Android applications for end users built using the React Native platform. A web interface will be created for the administrator to control activity, users, and inventory. Finally, a basic content website with links to the app store and marketing content will be created to promote the applications. This platform has a variety of localized benefits for parents and children as well as larger benefits for the environment.

There is a single version of the app for both Parents and Children. This allows both actors to use a single code base, unlike two unique apps each designed for each actor. Parents are managing their kids on this platform from the beginning to the final stage. At the registration time, parents' email addresses and kids' name combination identify a user.

Porch Toys is a great way to clean out your kids closets and make extra cash on the things your kids have outgrown. It's where the good stuff goes to start a new life, and where smart parents go to score great finds.

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Mobile App Features

Ecomerce, Second-hand Marketplace, Kids and Parents Empowerment, Community Creation, React Native iOS-Android, MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, NodeJS, AWS Cloud

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