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Client Overview

RailFactor is an online networking platform for worldwide railway professionals. The platform provides a one-stop online business-oriented hub exclusive to the rail industry, bringing together railway professionals, companies, suppliers, vendors, and service providers under one roof.

The in-depth features of RailFactor allow users to search for jobs, find products, services, submit tenders, get offers from vendors and connect with other industry professionals without jumping from one website to another. Furthermore, it features exclusive rail news, market intelligence updates around the globe, rail media, rail- related interviews, and stories.

The CEO is an experienced rail professional, currently working in Australia Railways(NSW). He had a unique experience in different aspects of rail signaling, such as specification, detailed design, requirements, detailed design, installation, and T&C. Also gained a thorough knowledge of international Railway Safety standards.

He used his industry knowledge to develop this platform "RailFactor" - A Dedicated Networking Experience for Railway Professionals.

Project Description

The global rail industry continues to grow rapidly in terms of industry size, demands, and development, yet there is no single source of news and updates, company directory, job openings, and vendor information that railway professionals can look into. And here comes a dedicated social networking platform for rail professionals - RailFactor.

RailFactor is designed to gather all this information in one roof, making it a one-stop hub for anything related to the rail industry.

Users can create a profile as a railway professional. Post photos, videos, and articles. Also, have the option to apply for jobs, read news, join groups, connect with other users.

Companies have the opportunity to add exposure to their business and generate more revenue by creating or claiming a company page. They also have the ability to add jobs, products, or services.

The platform also offers tenders and training. Users can get offers from contractors and service providers for their projects. They can get training to learn new skills and knowledge related to becoming a rail professional.

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Website Features

Social Networking for Rail Professionals, Raily Companies, Rail Jobs, Rail Marketplace, Rail News, Railway Media and Articles, Personalized Ads, Free Trial Subscription, Premium Subscriptions, Stripe, PHP, MySQL, Apache, Linux, AWS Cloud

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