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Client Overview

The Rising Scholars mobile app is an English learning app that exclusively targets students of an English school in Southern China. This platform can be used to learn the English language and to build English skills anytime, anywhere, on a mobile device. In a nutshell, it is an excellent and comprehensive application to help Chinese Speakers improve their English skills.

The President of Rising Scholars (Director of English Learning and Study Abroad Admissions Consulting) has contacted us with a proposal to develop an English language learning platform for approximately 500 students and wishes to develop a hybrid mobile app that can encourage the learning, practice, and basic logistics outside of the classroom environment.

He runs a leading educational consulting and arrangement services company that has offices in China, Hong Kong, and the United States. They focus on the study of elite schools in the United States and the English language. He also received a CELTA English Teaching Certificate from the University of Cambridge. After that, he worked as an English teacher at prestigious universities and top English training centers in Thailand and China.

Project Description

Mobile apps are replacing teachers as technology plays a bigger role in language education. The Rising Scholars English learning app teaches students in addition to their current curriculum and can build on what they have learned in class. The app can also assign tasks to students to complete outside of the classroom anytime and anywhere.

The platform is made up of a range of activities and it adapts to the users learning style.The gamified approach of the app helps users to learn English quickly by just spending twenty to thirty minutes a day. The exercises are tailored to help the users learn and review vocabulary effectively. It helps users to master new words, phrases, and grammar with game-like lessons.

The app helps users to book the training class with just a few clicks. The administrator can track user's daily progress, and they can improve their pronunciation skills by the help of best-in-class Speech API designed for scoring pronunciation and fluency.

As part of the simple convenient user interface and experience, the home screen of the app will allow users to access all the major features like flashcards, the pronunciation of words, vocabulary and grammar games, listen and answer approach, and book the training class.

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Mobile App Features

English Learning App, Flashcards, Gamified Approach, Online Class Booking, Listen and Answer Approach, Scoring Pronunciation, Speechace API, React Native iOS- Android, PHP, MySQL, Apache, Linux, AWS Cloud

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