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SoHive - let you enter public video chat rooms and join a conversation anytime.

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Client Overview

SoHive is a social video app which offers global, continuous, two-way video sessions and enables users to connect each other with hundreds of people without an invitation. The first release of SoHive offers 10 Open Hives that support up to 100 attendees per Hive on Zoom. The CEO of SoHive is a Program/Product management professional with over twenty years of experience in the healthcare IT industry. She is currently managing an AI team to build natural language processing solutions for a healthcare group. SoHive utilizes Zoom for video, so people likely already know how to use the video controls. Live chat is available to chat with specific people in the Hive, or “All” attendees. Users can mute their audio, turn their video on or off, and add a background. One click on the “Leave” button allows them to leave a Hive and return to the main SoHive App screen.

Project Description

SoHive is designed for how real people communicate and collaborate today. It is a Continuous video chat room provides a seamless collaboration experience on-demand, 24x7. Hives are live, and offer two-way video communication. Since SoHive is based on the Zoom platform, users will likely be familiar with the simple user interface and robust features. Invite friends and family through the integrated invite feature, which connects via social channels like Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and Gmail. When users are in a Hive and send an invite, it offers them the ability to join the specific Hive in with a single click. Users can access SoHive from anywhere in the world. The app allows people to talk, tell stories, develop ideas, deepen friendships, and meet interesting new people around the world. SoHive offers privacy and security by giving each user the choice to share their name or go on camera. Communications are established using TLS encryption and all shared content is encrypted using AES encryption, and optional end-to-end encryption. SoHive is available on the Native iOS, Android apps and Web. Users can access the SoHive web app on their desktop, tablet and mobile browsers seamlessly.

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