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SolarBuilder is an innovative platform that makes setting up rooftop solar panels simple, fast, and efficient. Solar Builder helps you to find the solar panel requirement for your rooftop, pre-estimate potential energy savings, checks your solar investments and returns, and even locates top-rated solar dealerships nearby. Many homeowners now see solar panels as a possible way to reduce their energy bills as the cost of installing them has fallen. SolarBuilder uses real-time geographical data and computing resources to calculate your solar saving potential. It even takes into account the shade and obstructions in your area. Finally, SolarBuilder analyzes your home roof area and combines that data with other databases to create a personal roof evaluation.

Project Description

SolarBuilder is a platform that helps users find the rooftop energy-saving potential. Users can type in their addresses and draw the edges of their roofs on the interactive map screen. They will then receive a report describing whether or not they can install solar panels on their rooftop. The report also includes a cost estimate, solar rating of the address, approximate energy saving, solar production, and investment return. Users may view, download, and even send the report to their email. Project Sunroof calculates the percentage of electrical energy consumed by estimating the size of the roof and the amount of sun that falls on the rooftop. Everything is fast and interactive. SolarBuilder uses current solar industry prices to calculate leasing, taking a loan, or purchasing solar panels for your house to help you decide what is best for you. SolarBuilder also provides the following incentives to help you calculate your final cost: Federal and state tax credits, utility rebates, and renewable energy credits.

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