Client Overview

Sonder Analytics is a web platform that leverages data from students at top universities and colleges to create custom-tailored, high-value solutions. The platform offers unique perspectives from the next generation to their potential clients. Here, the potential clients are business entities or entrepreneurs who want to understand how their brands are perceived in the mind of next-generation consumers and leaders. Tailored surveys and questions help business entities to find answers to their biggest questions about the future of their brand or business. The platform act as an intersectional venture for businesses and students. 

The CEO of this venture is an experienced Economics and Soft Robotics Researcher with expertise in Mathematics and Art and interested in Consulting and Market Research. Currently working on two Bachelor's  degrees focused in Economics and Statistics with a minor in Astronomy and Astrophysics from the University of Chicago. He co-founded the internationally recognized Haverford Materials Group and has worked as a Soft Robotics Researcher at George Mason University.

Project Description

Sonder Analytics is a survey platform that provides custom-made surveys to users based on demographics and various pre-collected information. The surveys and questions themselves will be hosted through the platform, the platform will also be responsible for collecting and managing the results of each survey. The collected survey data can be used by business entities for branding, marketing, and advertising for their successful operations. Business entrepreneurs can tie-up with the platform to leverage insights about their existing or upcoming brands from emerging future leaders and consumers in their industry.  

The website sit crossroad between business to business consulting and market-focused consulting, and between the new generation buyers and influencers and existing markets. It uses strong analytics to find the most efficient ways to market to a new generation of buyers and influencers, and provide data-driven insights to stay ahead of the curve. 

The platform is exclusively for university and college students since they are the target market and next generation. So their opinions are valuable and significant to drive towards success in any business and to establish of the brand in today's world. Only users with the email address .edu extension can register with the platform and in the United States, edu domain extensions are restricted to educational institutions.

The platform generated surveys are a research-oriented method to collect data exclusively from targeted college and university students to gain information and insights on various topics of interest. Each survey will be entitled to a category name for user reference. The following are the types of categories: Academic Surveys, Event Planning Surveys, Market Research Surveys, Customer Satisfaction Surveys, Employee Surveys, Political Surveys, Education Surveys, Healthcare Surveys and Nonprofit Surveys.

Website Features

Survey Data Collection, Student Survey Tool, Market Research, Analysis & Reporting, Results Comparison, Decision-Making, Objective Analysis, Angular JS, Node JS, MongoDB, Express, Linux, AWS Cloud, Typeform API

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