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Client Overview

The Spot Companies was founded in 2019 in the Greater Chicago area and the CEO is a builder, strategic partner, and entrepreneur who approached us for a smart platform that enables on-demand access to a rapidly growing network of industrial facilities and businesses searching for parking and storage solutions.

The Spot Companies is a technology and data platform focused on solving the "last 5-10 mile" commercial vehicle parking issue facing the logistics industry. The platform provides a turnkey solution to identify known and most importantly "unknown" locations for parking of commercial vehicles.

The Spot Companies' philosophy of creating a win-win relationship between the commercial vehicle operator and the landowner takes the friction out of the process and solves the problem of identifying required parking and helping landowners monetize their underutilized assets.

Project Description

The Spot Companies proprietary data and platform solves last-minute crises, short-term and long-term commercial parking needs for trucks, trailers, sprinter vans, box trucks, fleets, and other commercial vehicles. In short, a community-based online platform for listing and renting parking spaces for commercial and oversized vehicles. It connects property owners and commercial vehicle operators and facilitates the process of renting parking and storage.

Moreover, it participates in the B2B sharing economy by allowing property owners to monetize unused space. The platform targets intermodal transportation companies, private owner/operators, fleet managers, and utility companies who require storage space for their vehicles.

Through the online marketplace, the platform gains access to a vast network of potential customers who need their excess real estate capacity. The platform helps landowners to generate new revenue and provide the tools to manage this new business simply and seamlessly through the community-based online platform.

Customers use the platform every day to reserve parking and storage for commercial vehicles, overnight truck parking, trailer and container drop yards, and many other needs. The Spot Companies is a one-stop solution for securing a location to park loaded trailers in a new city.

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Technology and Data Platform, Community-Based Online Platform, Transportation and Logistics, Smart Parking System, Stripe Payment Gateway Integration, LAMP Stack, PHP 7, MySQL, Apache, AWS EC2

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